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The Night That You Will Never Forget

Are you in Mumbai for a business trip? If you are then you must have a hectic schedule ahead of you all throughout the day. Therefore, how do you plan to be relaxed after returning from work? If you do not have a plan, then we at Aniyaverma can be your friend to help you offer escorts in Mumbai. Yes, you may be surprised how relaxed and pleasant your night can have our services. 
The Assurance We Provide
We assure you that the Mumbai escorts who will be at your service would be sophisticated, reliable and beautiful. All of them have the special ability to understand how to satisfy you after the hard work you have done all throughout the day. The erotic pleasure you will be have will make your mind and body refreshed.
The Quality Of Service That You Can Expect
You may think about the quality of service that you can have when you have Mumbai escorts service from us. It will astonish you at the level of pleasure you will have just by having a talk with the girls and developing a friendship with them. If later on you can convince them to satisfy you sexually, then you will definitely not forget the night forever.  
The experience of our Mumbai female escorts lets them know exactly what will satisfy you. Their main aim is to satisfy you offering high quality and genuine service. The young girls will become your girlfriend soon and so you can expect complete satisfaction from them. 
The night you spend with any of the Mumbai escort you will access to from our organization, will make it one you will never forget. The night will be full of sex, lust, love and fun. Furthermore, if you want to have a different flavor of friendship, then you should rely on us. We not only offer Indian girls, but also girls from different nations to satisfy you. 
While having the services of the Mumbai independent escorts from us you are legally safe. We take all precaution so that no such issues arise while you are enjoying your night.
 Moreover, you do not have to be afraid of having any sexually transmitted disease when you have sex with the independent escorts in Mumbai that we offer. We have medical reports of each girl and you can be sure that they are safe. 
Therefore, when you intend to have the best services of independent Mumbai escorts at an affordable rate, you should not look any further than us. 


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Riya Ahuja

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Get Stunning and Beautiful Bombshells to Explore the Possibilities of Pleasure

If you have been on the hunt for Mumbai escorts service, then you have just managed to land on the right page because we are one of the most desired service providers in the city that caters to both domestic and international clients.

Our philosophy:

This is an utterly lonely planet where ambitions, stress, and competitions assassinate your soul. That is right! Sex is a great stress buster. In this chaotic frenzied world, you are surrounded by people at every step, yet you feel so lonely, right? What is the cause? The cause is a subconscious one.

Deep inside, you long for a close companion, solitude, and intimacy so that you can open up and explore possibilities of life. We understand the deepest human desires therefore we bring the most beautiful escorts those who can pacify the galvanizing sexual drive. Note sex is the most powerful human drive that instigates all kinds of action.

Look at the soldiers, their strikes of bullets are nothing but a suppressed desire for penetration manifesting itself as anger. Look at your punches that you throw at your boxing kit in fact, it is also spurring out of the desire for penetration. In brief devoid of sex, you will become more violent and we want to create a peaceful world by offering stunning, beautiful, and hot Independent escorts in Mumbai. That is right, the real babes!

We thrive to modernize the world’s oldest profession through our service. Do not worry about what others say about sex in fact, sex is an instinct and part of our nature. Everything that goes against sex is a conspiracy. Essentially, the idea of sex is a sin is not a sexy idea because at the end of the day we are creating perversion and a stigmatized world. Fortunately, we are not those unintelligent people who condemn sex.

All our independent Mumbai escorts are educated, communicative and highly cordial. They understand the fact that love and sex are two different things. While the former is more emotional, the latter is physical and you need to have great balance.

Unfortunately, the mind gets bored with repeated things. It is no fun to have sex with the same girl every night. Wait! Having said this we do mean to say that you do not love your girl. Of course, you do! But then again, the same geography, the same topology is not something the mind wants to explore because the mind is looking for new things. And that is a fact. Is not it?

Let’s face the facts. The mind is conditioned to condemn sex and in the event, it ends up suppressing it. Unfortunately, the thing that you suppress will come back time and again to haunt you and affect your life. This is a psychological fact. The best way to deal with this forced imposition of suppression is to release your sexual desires and feel free. Let’s be practical, we all love sex and it is not a sin. This is our philosophy and everyone’s too but people just do not express it out of fear. Now, get rid of the fear of sex.

Our sexy factor:

Everybody on this earth loves to watch porn movies. There are so many themes like the masseuse, yoga instructor, sneak sex, seduction and a whole range of other themes. Our escorts are highly intellectual girls who understand the narrative ideas of sex. That means spending time with our escorts would mean exploring many facets of sex and women alike. Be it kinky or massage, our girls are highly professional in their approach.

Now, we do not want you to have this feeling “what’s the heck! It was just too much sex and cigarettes”. Actually, our girls love to have sex and they do not make it look like a mechanical affair. We guarantee you that next time you go hunting for vintage Italian porn videos, you would remember our girls because they are far better than Erica Bella and Patty Page.

If it sounds a little hardcore, then you might be looking for someone like Julia Roberts of the movie Pretty Woman. We also have some pretty girls. Ours is a civilized idea of sex because we do not make it look like a nasty affair. In fact, you would realize that sex is an art with our girls. We have real artists with us.

Did we just glorify the idea of sex? Yes we did because we do not believe in objectifying women. Our escorts are the girls who love to explore sexual adventures and that make things so much more interesting.

So, next time you feel lonely or dejected or going on a business trip where you need an extraordinarily beautiful girl to accompany you, you can certainly hire Mumbai escorts from us.

Our escorts are highly mannered and look affluent. The girls have been in the business to provide the best companionship. They can give you company in a pub, they can dance with you on the dance floor and they can also accompany you on the bed. In short! They are perfect girls with intelligence, sensuality and a slight hit of love and care what could be called as a completely explosive package.

Get rid of your fears:

We understand the fact that it is quite difficult to get rid of the fear of sex in a world that considers sex as a sin however, we simplify the whole idea of fear. Let’s look at our safety practices so that you can keep calm and explore the possibilities of pleasure.

  • All the Escorts in Mumbai those who work with us have verified profiles on our website
  • Each one of our escorts goes through the background verification process
  • All the escorts undergo medical test at Seven Hills hospitals in every fortnight
  • The girls also go through a drug test
  • The payment system is highly secured
  • We believe in confidentiality therefore, we do not disclose our clients’ names
  • We offer hotel assistance so that you can have a great time without having to worry about hotels
  • We have a customer support team to assist you round the clock

So, next time you think of hiring Mumbai independent escorts, just skip all other service providers and consider our service. We are a highly organized service provider that values clients’ safety and confidentiality.

If you are an overseas tourist and want to explore the possibilities of sexual pleasure with some lovely Asian women, then you should approach us. We give the same attention to our overseas customers as we do to our domestic clients. However, given the idea of fear of the unknown, we pay a little more attention so that foreigners can navigate through the whole process easily.

Go to our profile page and scan some of the Mumbai escort girls’ images. Caution: you might get an erection. That is right! Our girls are stunning, hot, seductive, and bombshells.

Sex here is no more a mechanical act in fact, it gets romanticized. Our Mumbai female escorts are cool at romanticizing the act of sex. It is about pleasure, love, romance, adventure, and exploration if beauty.

So, your search for the Mumbai escorts agency should ideally end here because we are the most reliable service provider in the city poised to redefine sex in a more luxurious way. Best bet? We are also a cost friendly service provider because we believe in long-term business relationships.

Call us today or book an appointment online for Mumbai escort service and we would love to have our girls draining you out emotionally. Did it sound a bit hardcore? Yes, we are hardcore

Riya Patel

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The Way to Have A Pleasurable Trip To Mumbai

You may be a lonely person after your daily routine of office works that you have in Mumbai and want to spend time doing something romantic. Mumbai is a place where you can go to spend your holiday and for jobs.

In order to find a way to do something romantic or to say sexy you visit nudie bars, hovers through internet porn sites or visits cabarets. You may have forgotten that we at Aniyavarma have made possible to have another way, which will allow you to spend considerable time with voluptuous, provocative and beautiful women; the way is to have the Mumbai escorts service.

The Features of Our Girls That Makes Them Extraordinary

The Mumbai escorts that we make possible for you offer services of this nature to you so that you do not feel left out even in sexuality.

The features of these escorts are such that they will definitely arouse the sex desire of yours and will satisfy you to your heart’s content. The basic features that the Mumbai escort has are:

The natural features that they posses are slim body, silky skin, long good hair and a charming voice. They work hard to maintain a good look of theirs. They are appealing, alluring and attractive. They have the ability to respond to any sexual wish that you have. They think it is their duty to satisfy their customer to the fullest.

They have a body, which is athletic; their height is average and is expressive with a feature that is charming, the outings that you will have would be passionate and intimate. They have the ability to fully relax and make you warm in their companionship

All these Escorts in Mumbai have sensational alluring features. They have the perfect body curves at the right places. Like the shape and curve of their breast and burst is such that it is sure to arouse sexual desire. The eyes they posses will evoke more sexuality while you are on a sexual act.

To offer a safe service we make it mandatory that all those girls have a check up at Seven Hills Hospital every 15 days. Therefore, you can be certain that they are free from any nature of disease when you have sex with them

The Best Way to Have Such A Pleasurable Stay

You should never make a mistake of thinking Escort service to be same as prostitution. Escort service is a legal service within certain limits.

We ensure that you have a contract, which may be verbal between you and the girl. They make a contact signed by their clients. The contact clearly states that this service offered by Mumbai female escorts is entirely of a personal nature and is related to modeling and spending time with each other in exchange of some fees. It also states that anything outside this is of personal choice that has happened between two adult individuals. Making this contact, they define their role specifically. As a client, you also should be ready to have such a contact as it protects you in future, if anything untoward happens.

The charge they received is a donation and not as a charge or fee. The charge has nothing to do relate to sexual services and so it is legal to have such a charge. You can keep the charge in a table they will pick it up from there. The escorts do not take their business to the street. We as the best Mumbai escorts agency have an online presence where you can be to choose the escorts that they would like to be with. They do not roam around in the street corners. We have specific methods to make them available to their respected clients.

The escorts available are generally smart, good looking, fashionable and sexually appealing models. They keep their choice of service quiet. Therefore, you would love to have them as a companion during the lonely period of the day that you have.

When you are in Mumbai and opt to have such a service, then you can easily avail those lawfully from us. You will be very relaxed and stress free after the service. While having the service you do not have to think about anything else than enjoyment. You can enjoy the service with a free mind and so, you enjoy every moment that you spend with the Mumbai independent escorts.

These escort service that we make possible is most reliable and not costly. The service offered is done honestly. Whatever service you want for be it companionship or sexual they do it from their heart so that you will not feel cheated. After having the service you will feel that the money that you pay is worth paying and you have more enjoyment than you have paid.

You can hire these independent Mumbai escorts from us for a long trip at a rate that you can afford. The service can be available just by making a phone call. The pleasure that you can have would be both mental and physical. You will have pleasure both mentally and sexually by these girls. The figure, the beauty and the charm of these alluring girls will satisfy you sexually and their decent behavior and attitude will help you to reduce mental stress.

Lastly, they are very professional and will do their level best to offer you the best service that they can offer. They mix professionalism with affection in a manner, which you will love to have. No one can offer you such service at a price offered by us. We are affordable but at the same time keep an eye on the quality of the girls that we make available.

The Expectations That You Can Have

It would be wise to know about the expectations that you can have from our services.

Best value of money: The services of escorts that we make available are the best and they provide services, which may be sexual or just companionship, which makes the time spend a memorial one. The service that they offer is such that it is assured that the time and money spent is worth it. You will not repent that you have spent money for getting such a service.

Educated service: The escort girls are truly experienced in a different kind of sexual act. They are experienced in foreplay, oral sex, various pornography and they make sure that the sexual experience will be such that it will be a memorable one. They are well aware about men physic so they know exactly how to satisfy a man’s sex. They have sexual training according to olden scriptures and they have total control of their study.

Best of a companion: They are very good companion too. You can take them to parties and other nightclubs and bars and spend your leisure in a pleasant way. Though they charge, it will be so that you will never feel that proper utilization of the money is not done. You will get full utilization of your money. They are educated and they can fit into any atmosphere that you take them. They at the same time have the ability to accompany you to a corporate party and to go with you to a nightclub.

Therefore, you can easily understand what nature of pleasure you can have when you have our services of independent escorts in Mumbai. Therefore, when you come to Mumbai for an official trip or for a vacation please do contact us and have the means to enjoy your stay at an affordable rate. So, hope to hear from you soon as you reach Mumbai or plan to come here.